This is the LD46 version of the game. We're currently working on expanding Scrambl'd into a full experience. Stay tuned!

All you gotta do is start rollin’!

Traverse the tricky levels through ominous obstacles and painstaking puzzles and come home to Mama Bird in one piece.

Momentum is key! The egg can either halt or accelerate in mid-air to clear the obstacles. Just like Humpty Dumpty, the egg will crack if it falls from too great a height! Unless of course a warm, soft haystack breaks the fall. An uncracked egg is a happy egg!

Compatible with any device or emulator that supports Game Boy software.


Game BoyEmulatorAction
D-padArrow keysRoll the egg
StartEnterStart the game
SelectShift/TabSkip a level

Made by Carl LenngrenErik Schröder and Fredrik Edman

Webplayer powered by binjgb.


Download 64 kB


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Going slightly crazy, is there actually a feather in the final level?
Do the feathers do anything? 
Is that unfinished/something for the "full version"? 

Awesome little game though, a lot of challenging fun.

The final level was supposed to be unlockable by collecting all feathers from the previous levels, but there was no time to implement that system so it’s already unlocked.

Thanks a lot for playing, and thanks for the kind words!