This game is not finished and development is currently on hold. Do not expect anything resembling a full experience!

Up you go!

Winter is at an end and the snow is melting in the valley! It is time for you – a snowman – to scale the mountain and beyond to reach colder temperatures.

You are sent flying right away, and your goal is to hop from one block of snow to the next to climb higher. There are big blocks, small blocks, fragile blocks, and boost blocks which send you flying if your timing is right. But beware! One false step and you will fall to your demise.

Compatible with any device or emulator that supports Game Boy Color software.


Game BoyEmulatorAction
D-padArrow keysMove
AXJump higher (as you land)

Made by Carl LenngrenErik Schröder and Fredrik Edman

Webplayer powered by binjgb.
StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsCarl Lenngren, Erik Schröder, Fredrik Edman
Made withAseprite
Tags2D, Endless, Game Boy, Homebrew, jumping, Mountains, Pixel Art, Retro, snow, winter
Average sessionA few seconds


snowjump_20190814.gbc 64 kB


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When you fall is it supposed to fall forever? if not I think i broke it

I really like how this looks, sounds and plays so far! I hope there will be some updates. Bug-wise, speed seems to have no maximum, but only when going left.

Well, I accidentally jumped off the edge and fell forever.

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